Press release

International Scientific and Practical Forum


June 5-6, 2019

     Geopolitical changes in the world after the collapse of the USSR, the bloody events in Yugoslavia, the Middle East and the military coup in Ukraine put Russia before a difficult choice, disputes about which go far beyond its borders, which makes it necessary to have a multilateral scientific analysis of the causes and consequences of this process. A scientific discussion on the origins of the global strengthening of negative challenges and risks may indicate the direction of a constructive dialogue on adhering to the principles of the global economic market, strengthening confidence building measures between states, nations and politicians, as well as implementing the concept of sustainable development in the context of increasing natural resources shortages, markets and workforce.

     In this regard is important to cite the statement of academician N.N. Moiseyev: “I don’t value so much the wisdom of the neighboring civilizations to believe that they are able to understand how important it is for the entire planet to have a strong Russia, whose intelligence and resources can play a prominent role in asserting a new equilibrium of humanity and nature. Russia in the twenty-first century has the great role of "the founder of compromises. "

The tasks facing Russia in its comprehensive strengthening inevitably bring scientific discussions to the issues of creating conditions for a decent life and free human development and improving on this basis the quality of life of all citizens of the Russian Federation.

     The forum, acting on the basis of modern methodological approaches and the synthesis of sociological, ecopolitological, economic and legal branches of science is expected to consider the results of analysis of various scientific schools and the opinions of representatives of civil society institutions in determining national priorities, ways of resolving main socio-economic, cultural, educational, ecological and natural resource problems. Scientific recommendations of the forum can be one of the sections of the RAS report to the Government of the Russian Federation for their implementation.

     The following competitions are held within the framework of the forum:

     -Contest for the best essay "The modern picture of the world through the eyes of youth"

     Youth competition “Russia is strengthened by the talent and energy of youth”

     -Exhibition-presentation of popular science publications (2018-2019) of young scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences and academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences promoting scientific knowledge and achievements of modern science in the sphere of young generation.

     The forum will be attended by representatives of various areas of science and education of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, the executive and legislative branches of government and representatives of civil society institutions of Russia.